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Guy Haworth [1]

Guy McCrossan Haworth,
a British computer scientist and lecturer at the School of Systems Engineering [2] , University of Reading. Guy Haworth's research interests include the use of chess as a demonstration domain, and the Retrograde Analysis creation of Endgame Tablebases. He collaborated with Eugene Nalimov, Christoph Wirth, Peter Karrer, John Tamplin, Marc Bourzutschky and Eiko Bleicher on Investigations of Endgame Tablebases with Depth to Mate (DTM), Depth to Conversion (DTC), DTZ and DTZ50 metrics.Data on percentage-wins, maximal-DTx figures and positions, and mutual zugzwangs have been filed and made available on the web, as have the DTM EGTs [3] . Since 2002, Guy has been demonstrating 'Skilloscopy', i.e. methods of measuring the Skill of Fallible Decision Makers, by ranking chess players according to the quality of their moves in the full move-context of the positions in which those moves were played.Guy Haworth served as Vice-President of the ICGA from 2002 until 2005.

Selected Publications

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Guy Haworth (2001). Discarding Like Pieces. 6th Computer Olympiad Workshop [6]
Guy Haworth (2001). Depth by The Rule. 6th Computer Olympiad Workshop [7]
Guy Haworth (2001). 3-5-Man Chess Data. 6th Computer Olympiad Workshop
Guy Haworth (2001). 3-5-Man Mutual Zugzwangs in Chess. 6th Computer Olympiad Workshop



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