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Peter Karrer, (October 7, 1955 - November 20, 2010 [1] )
was a Swiss computer scientist affiliated with ETH Zurich and as chess player [2] member at Schachgesellschaft Winterthur also playing in the German Chess Landesliga at chess club Engen [3] [4]. After the Kasparov versus the World game in 1999, Peter Karrer constructed a specialized tablebase for the purpose of fully understanding the KQQKQP and KQPKQP endgames. With the aid of the tablebase, Irina Krush and Ken Regan were able to prove that the position after the World Team's 50th move was drawn with best play on both sides [5] [6]. Both Kasparov and the bulletin board suspected that the position was drawn, but as the further course of the game proved, no one fully understood the position at the time.


Karrer has mined Endgame Tablebases to produce complete lists of [7] :

  • maxDTM positions and data: 1-0 and 0-1, wtm and btm,
  • maxDTM and all mutual zugzwangs: three types, positions and data.

Data on percentage results, maximals and mutual zugzwangs has been filed and made available on the web, as have the DTM EGTs [8]. Most notably was his finding of a mate in 262 in KRNKNN [9].

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