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Eugene Nalimov [1]

Eugene V. Nalimov,
a Russian computer scientist and chess programmer, M.Sc. from Novosibirsk State University. Eugene actually lives and works in the United States as Microsoft employee as member of the team in developing the Visual C++ compiler.

Eugene is author of the chess program Siberian Chess and eponym of the Nalimov endgame tablebases. Besides that, Eugene also contributes as an author of several BitScan routines [2] and of course as optimization expert for the Microsoft Visual C compiler [3].


Eugène Nalimov, winner of the ChessBase Best-Publication Award and Guest of Honor at Workshop, during his invited Lecture, July 8, 2002 [4]

Schoolboys listening to what ... Nalimov says about ...
Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, Rudolf Huber, Levente Kocsis,
Frans Morsch, Johan de Koning and Jan Krabbenbos
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