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Frédéric Louguet, Massy 2004 [1]

Frédéric Louguet,
a French computer chess programmer, journalist and writer, in 2006 co-founder and now CTO of Ranch Computing, a Render farm located in Paris with huge GPU resources [2] [3]. Frédéric Louguet is author of the chess programs Chess Wizard, three time winner of the French Computer Chess Championships, and the experimental program Raptor [4]. Frédéric Louguet was editor of the French computer chess magazine La Puce Echiquéenne, which appeared in 17 issues from 1992 until 1997 [5], author of LCT II, the Louguet Chess Test II [6] and author of books about various computer related issues.



Franck Zibi, Frédéric Louguet, Pascal Tang, Bruno Lucas, FCCC 2002 [7]

Fccc2003-sn 20.jpg

Pascal Tang, Frédéric Louguet, Bruno Lucas, FCCC 2003 [8]

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