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Pascal Tang, Massy 2001 [1] [2]

Pascal Tang,
a French computer scientist, software engineer, games developer, and CEO and co-founder of Datagacy [3], a company providing solutions for deep technical issues [4]. Pascal holds a diplôme d'études supérieures spécialisées in computer science from University of Western Brittany in 1994. In 1996/97 he was affiliated with Titus France as project manager of Virtual Chess II, which he represented and operated at the WMCCC 1996 in Jakarta, and the WMCCC 1997 in Paris [5]. Pascal Tang is primary author of the the world class Chinese Chess program XieXie and the chess engine Xie Long [6], and worked with primary author Eugenio Castillo Jiménez on the chess program Chinito [7], which he operated at the WCCC 2002 in Maastricht.



Graz 2003, Xiangqi winners: Pascal Tang, Zhi-Jian Tu and Shun-Chin Hsu [8]

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