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XieXie's board window [1]

XieXie, (XieXieMaster)
a Chinese Chess program by primary author Pascal Tang, at times supported by Eugenio Castillo Jiménez and Jih Tung Pai, running under Windows. The development of XieXie started by Pascal Tang in 1998, Eugenio Castillo joining in 1999, while Jih Tung Pai started to add support of DTC endgame tablebases in 2005 [2]. XieXieMaster won the World Championship of Computer Chinese Chess in 2004 in Tainan, Taiwan [3] . At ICGA Computer Olympiads, XieXie won two times Silver, and three times Bronze so far. According to Harm Geert Muller, XieXie was significantly improved by over 400 Elo in 2016, just before the 19th Computer Olympiad, Leiden 2016, where XieXie won the Silver medal [4].

XieXie's ICGA Tournaments

Edition Ranking Participants
7th Computer Olympiad, Maastricht 2002 3 4
8th Computer Olympiad, Graz 2003 2 5
10th Computer Olympiad, Taipei 2005 6 14
11th Computer Olympiad, Turin 2006 4 5
12th Computer Olympiad, Amsterdam 2007 3 5
18th Computer Olympiad, Leiden 2015 4 6
19th Computer Olympiad, Leiden 2016 2 4
20th Computer Olympiad, Leiden 2017 3 5



20th Computer Olympiad, Leiden 2017, Harm Geert Muller and Pascal Tang in HaQiKi D vs XieXie,
Jr-Chang Chen of Chimo behind [5]


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