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Gerd Isenberg, (1955)
Gerd Isenberg, DOCCC 2001 [1]

a German computer scientist and retired chess programmer, born, raised and living in Hattingen [2] [3], and author of the chess programs IsiChess and HansDamf. He was radio and television engineer and studied CS at the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund. His career as a chess programmer started rather late, when he was already in the mid thirties - inspired by David Levy's Computer Chess Compendium, specially the article about Chess 4.5 [4]. After a short and venturesome career as professional chess programmer from 1994 to 1997, Gerd Isenberg is employed application developer for the Oil- and Gas-Industry. Gerd has been an organizer here at the wiki, main focus Bitboards, Bit-Twiddling, History of computer chess programming and everything else.


WCCC 2006 excursion [5]


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  6. Firmware and software driver for a MP/M 86 8086 multibus system with Intel 8089 I/O-processor, NEC µPD 7261 disk controller, and Seagate ST-506 6185 hard drive ~27.5e6 bytes. The preceding project work was constructing and building the hardware and electronics and test programs with an own written Basic interpreter, the diploma thesis about the 8089 firmware and 8086 MP/M drivers written in assembly, the firmware with an own written 8089 assembler

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