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Larry Atkin and David Slate, ACM 1979 [1]

Lawrence R. (Larry) Atkin,
an American computer scientist, former chess programmer and consultant. Along with Keith Gorlen (1968), David Slate (1969) and CDC Cyber hardware consultant David Cahlander, Larry Atkin was the initial author of the Northwestern University's program Chess, which almost dominated computer chess during the 70s in the United States. Larry Atkin further was lead programmer at Odesta aka Helix Technologies and co-creator of the Helix database and is now consultant at QSA Toolworks [2] and various companies [3].


Newborn Matsa Slate Atkin Mittman.ACM 1970-2.jpg

David Slate accepts first prize from ACM president Sam Matsa for winning the ACM 1970
with his and Larry Atkin's Chess program. Monty Newborn (far left), Ben Mittman (far right) [4] .

3-1 and 3-3.Atkin.ACM 6 NACCC.Minneapolis.1975.102645358.NEWBORN.lg.jpg

Larry Atkin during the David Levy simultaneous exhibition against 12 computers at ACM 1975 [5]

Chess 0.5

In 1978 Larry Atkin wrote a didactic program in Pascal along with Peter W. Frey, which was published as Chess 0.5 in the Byte Magazine [6], and re-published on-line in 2005, available from Scott A. Moore's sites [7][8].

Applied Concepts

In the '80s Larry Atkin worked for Applied Concepts on dedicated chess computers and is mentioned along with David Slate as co-author of the Gruenfeld and Capablanca module programs for the Great Game Machine and the Chafitz modular game system . He is further sole author of the Steinitz Edition 4 [9] [10], and the Steinitz Encore [11], both running on a 8-bit 6502 processor with 2 resp. 4 Mhz. Capablanca was later converted to be Chess 7.0 for the Apple II, Atari 800, and Commodore 64 published by Odesta. Even later it became "How About a Nice Game of Chess" for the Apple IIe [12] [13]. Along with Peter W. Frey, Larry Atkin is co-author of the Othello program Odin, which also ran as module of the Great Game Machine.

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