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David Cahlander with Chesstor at ACM 1978 [1]

David Cahlander,
an American computer scientist and consultant, in the 70s and 80s affiliated with Control Data Corporation. He was team member and CDC Cyber hardware consultant of the Northwestern University's chess program Chess [2], and operated and repesented Chess 4.x at various tournaments and man-machine matches in the late 70s and early 80s, in particular the WCCC 1977 and the WCCC 1980, ACM 1978 and ACM 1979, and the Levy versus Chess 1978 match. David Cahlander designed the famous Chess 4.7 Sensory Board, first used at ACM 1978.


Chaos vs Duchess.ACM 1979.jpg

CHAOS vs. Duchess at the ACM 1979 in Detroit, Michigan [3]
David Cahlander, William Toikka, Fred Swartz and Tom Truscott

Cahlender Levy.ACM 1979.jpg

Cahlander and Levy [4]


Luděk Pachman just won the informal blitz game vs Chess 4.7, operated by
Frederic Friedel and David Cahlander, University of Hamburg, February 4, 1979 [5]

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