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HGM [1]

Harm Geert Muller (HGM),
a Dutch physicist and since 1976 computer chess programmer. He wrote a blitz program for the PDP-11 and programs for the 6800 and 6502 8-bit µ-Processors, released under the name Usurpator, which competed in several Dutch Computer Chess Championships. In 1986 HGM came up with a matchbox computer with a 65SC816 CPU for the purpose of running Usurpator [2], competing three times until 1990 [3].


After 15 years "out of business", HGM is back with his minimalist chess engine Micro-Max, the chess variants engine Fairy-Max, the closed source programs Joker and Spartacus [4], the Chinese Chess engine HaQiKi D, and the Shogi engine Shokidoki. HGM is involved in extending the Chess Engine Communication Protocol specification to Version 2 [5], also addressing various chess and chess like game variants, and further covering Checkers, Go, Amazons, and Othello [6]. The didactic open source engine KingSlayer published in fall 2015 [7] is intended to be an inspiration for beginning chess programmers [8]. His open source engine CrazyWa plays Shogi and Chess variants with piece drops with boards up to 11x11, with up to 16 droppable piece types, and 15 promoted piece types [9].


HGM's Shogi engine Shokidoki won silver in 5*5 Shogi at the 15th Computer Olympiad [10], gold at the 17th Computer Olympiad [11], gold in Shogi and Mini-Shogi at the 18th Computer Olympiad 2015, and also won the 2015 UEC Cup [12] [13].


DOCCC 2005


Harm Geert Muller and Stan Arts, DOCCC 2005 [14]

CPT 2008

HGM VincentCPT2008.jpg

Harm Geert Muller and Vincent Diepeveen, CPT 2008 [15]

Yokohama 2013

Hgm gold in 5x5Shogi2013.jpg

Yokohama 2013, Mini Shogi, Gold for Shokidoki, Silver 1/128 Rigan, Bronze Mattari Yucha [16]
Jaap van den Herik, Nakamichi Takashi, Harm Geert Muller, Yoshiyuki Kotani [17] [18] [19]

Leiden 2016


19th Computer Olympiad, Winners in Mini-Shogi: Shun-Chin Hsu, Harm Geert Muller and Andrew Lin [20]

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