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Maksym Korzh [1]

Maksim (Maksym) Korzh, alias Code Monkey King,
an Ukrainian freelancer and computer chess programmer. As a computer chess aficionado and chess programming enthusiast, he learned JavaScript, Python and C languages, as well as x86 Assembly. He started freelancing at Upwork but soon moved to YouTube to create a channel dedicated to web scraping and web development [2], and further combined his profession with his computer chess activity for a YouTube channel dedicated to chess programming - where he introduced chess programming topics along with the development of various chess engines for didactic purpose [3].

Chess Engines

So far, Maksim Korzh has published following open source chess engines, not all compliant with the FIDE rules of chess:

Engine Language GitHub YouTube
BBC Bit Board Chess C BBC BBC
BMCP Bare Minimum Chess Program C BMCP BMCP
BMCP(JS) Bare Minimum Chess Program JavaScript BMCP(JS)
Chengine C Chengine
Chenglite C Chenglite
Nibble-Chess C Nibble-Chess
Wukong C Wukong
Wukong JS JavaScript WukongJS
Wukong Xiangqi JavaScript Wukong Xiangqi Discovering Xiangqi

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