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Vincent Diepeveen [1]

Vincent Diepeveen,
a Dutch chess programmer and chess player, author of the chess program Diep and FIDE-Master in over the board chess. He started chess programming in 1993, first the program Grijp, a team effort with Remy de Ruysscher, and in January 1994 with Diep [2]. Since the mid 90s until 2007, Vincent almost played each over the board tournament in Europe with Diep, since 1997 World Computer and World Microcomputer Chess Championships, as well as online tournaments. Diep became Dutch Open Champion in 2004 and third at the WCCC 2004 in Ramat Gan behind Junior and Shredder. Vincent is known as one of the most knowledgeable experts in massive parallel search and proposed the Double Null Move idea. He is also famous for his emotional discussions in Computer Chess Forums and his animosity against Bitboards [3] [4] and the gibberish of a few academics.




Vincent Diepeveen, winner DOCCC 2004 [5]

Vincent and the Geyser

WCCC 2005 Golden Circle excursion - Eruption of Strokkur and fearless Vincent in front [6]:

Vincent2005 2.jpg
Vincent2005 3.jpg
Vincent2005 4.jpg
Vincent2005 5.jpg




Vincent Diepeveen's early claim caused some trouble and antagonism [7] [8] [9] :

Diep is without doubt the strongest chess analysis program in the world at infinite level (few hours a move). The longer you allow it to analyse the better the move it will produce, something which is uncommon for most other chessprograms, caused by the enormeous chessknowledge in Diep, which is at the time still considerably growing every month (and decreasing the Diep searchspeed). 


Vincent after WCCC 1999 on Cilk [10]:

Actually the big professor who has written so many books that i have in my possession was there too: Leiserson. Lucky i could exchange a few words during the game with him. 
Cilk really is a very promising language. In contradiction to all my big efforts to parallellize DIEP, writing in Cilk this goes a lot simpler. Regrettably when starting the parallel version of DIEP, there was no port of CILK to windows (the first demand for something is that it must work both in windows and linux before i can use it; interface is of course something different) otherwise i might have done better in paderborn. 
Anyone who still must start his parallel project here gets a free tip from me:
Don't go fiddle with difficult parallelization, simply use CILK, let that language handle the parallellism and keep only busy making a good program!
The alternative to Cilk is years of bugfixing the parallel code. 


Bruce Moreland on Vincent in 2000 [11]:

With Vincent, you have to take the whole package. He has firmly held opinions, and when he aims one of these at you, you have to duck and grab your shoes. He also has a lot of insight, he can direct his most cutting criticisms at himself as well as at others, his mother is a great cook, and if you ask him he'll haul you and your computer clear across northern Europe. 


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