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Peter Kouwenhoven [1]

Josephus Petrus Maria (Peter) Kouwenhoven, (died on July 24, 2015 [2])
was a Dutch computer scientist and environmental researcher, as senior researcher and post-graduate coordinator affiliated with the International Global Change Institute [3] within the University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Peter Kouwenhoven received his B.Sc. in biology with majors in mathematics (1980), and a M.Sc. in biology (1984) from Leiden University, a higher degree in computer science from Technical College, The Hague (1985), and a Ph.D. in environmental management, faculty of chemical engineering, University of Twente in 1994 . He was early involved in computer chess. In 1978 his program Alder ran on a PDP-11/45 of the Leiden University in a small match versus IGM and Schak123 [4]. He then joined forces with Dap Hartmann on the chess program Dappet. Peter Kouwenhoven was board member of the CSVN in the 90s [5].

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