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an open source engine for playing chess variants with fairy chess pieces by Harm Geert Muller, written in C and compliant to the Chess Engine Communication Protocol. Fairy-Max is based on Micro-Max, and uses tables with step vectors for move generation, and knows which pieces are leapers and which are sliders [1] [2] .


Fairy Max output.png

Game depiction showing output from the Fairy-Max chess engine [3]

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  1. Fairy-Max: an AI for playing user-defined Chess variants
  2. Anatomy of a simple engine: Fairy-Max by Harm Geert Muller, Winboard Forum | Chess Programming Lessons, March 28, 2013
  3. A sample chess game being played using Fairy-Max. Note: Fairy-Max is a chess engine and the actual output depends on the GUI it is used with. This is an arbitrary image showing some data output possible when using Fairy-Max software, Image by LithiumFlash, July 03, 2017, Fairy-Max from Wikipedia

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