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Jan Krabbenbos [1]

Jan Krabbenbos,
a Dutch computer scientist, chess player, chess and computer chess official, tournament organizer, tournament director, chess and computer chess arbiter [2], and former professional software developer at DGT [3]. He was member of the Board of the CSVN (2005-2011) and co-organizer of the Dutch Open Computer Chess Championship and the International CSVN Tournament. More recently, Jan served as assistant tournament director of ICGA tournaments, the World Computer Chess Championship and the World Chess Software Championship. From December 2012 until 2014 he was the chairman of the CSVN, since then still member of the board, acting as the treasurer, and since 2012 organizing the CSVN activities twice a year, including the Programmers Tournament. Jan passed away on December 16, 2022.


At the 14th Computer Olympiad, Pamplona 2009, Jan operated Theo van der Storm's Connect6 program Meinstein which won the Silver medal, and competed less successful at the 15th Computer Olympiad, Kanazawa 2010 with his own Connect6 program MakeIt6. At the 16th Computer Olympiad, Tilburg 2011, Jan operated MeinStein, Theo van der Storm's EinStein würfelt nicht! program, winning the Gold medal.



Theo van der Storm and Jan Krabbenbos playing EinStein würfelt nicht! during ICT 2005 [4] [5] [6] .



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