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Shiinoki Cultural Complex [1]

The Eighteenth World Computer Chess Championship took place from September 24 to October 1, 2010, at Shiinoki Cultural Complex [2], Kanazawa, Japan, in conjunction with the First World Chess Software Championship, the 15th Computer Olympiad and the 7th Computer and Games conference. All events were hosted by Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) and organized by the ICGA [3] . After the disqualification of Rybka in June 2011, Rondo and Thinker are World Computer Chess Champions 2010 [4] .

Final Standing

18th World Computer Chess Championship 2010, Kanazawa, JP [5]

# Program CC R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 P
- Rybka [6] US 8b1 3w1 6b½ 5w1 2b½ 10b1 9w1 7b1 4w1 8
2 (1) Rondo US 9b1 5b1 10w1 6w½ 1w½ 4w1 8w1 3b0 7b½
3 (1) Thinker US 7w1 1b0 4b0 8b1 10w1 9b1 5b1 2w1 6w½
4 (3) Shredder DE 10b1 6b½ 3w1 9w1 5w½ 2b0 7w1 8b1 1b0 6
5 (4) Jonny DE 6b1 2w0 9w1 1b0 4b½ 7w1 3w0 10b1 8b1
6 (5) PandixBreakthrough HU 5w0 4w½ 1w½ 2b½ 7b½ 8w1 10w1 9b½ 3b½ 5
7 (6) Deep Junior IL 3b0 9b1 8w1 10w1 6w½ 5b0 4b0 1w0 2w½ 4
8 (7) Darmenios PL 1w0 10b1 7b0 3w0 9w1 6b0 2b0 4w0 5w0 2
9 (8) Fridolin DE 2w0 7w0 5b0 4b0 8b0 3w0 1b0 6w½ 10b½ 1
10 (9) Hector for Chess HU 4w0 8w0 2b0 7b0 3b0 1w0 6b0 5w0 9w½ ½


18th World Computer Chess Championship 2010, Kanazawa, JP [7]

# Program CC Hardware Author(s) Opening Book Author(s)
1 Rondo US Beckton 7560 32 Core Zach Wegner, Anthony Cozzie [8] Erdogan Günes
2 Thinker US Quad Core Intel I7 (4 Cores) Kerwin Medina Anson Williams, Nelson Hernandez
3 Shredder DE 12 Core Intel Xeon Stefan Meyer-Kahlen Sandro Necchi
4 Jonny DE 8x100 Core Johannes Zwanzger Mark Roberts
5 PandixBreakthrough HU Xeon 4 Core (4 Cores in use) Gyula Horváth
6 Deep Junior IL 12 Core Intel Westmere Amir Ban, Shay Bushinsky Alon Greenfeld
7 Darmenios PL Xeon 4 Core (1 Core in use) Dariusz Czechowski
8 Fridolin DE Xeon 4 Core (1 Core in use) Christian Sommerfeld Erdogan Günes
9 Hector for Chess HU Xeon 4 Core (1 Core in use) Csaba Jergler


by Jan Krabbenbos [9]

Zach Wegner Kerwin Medina
Dariusz Czechowski Csaba Jergler
Gyula Horváth, obligatory ICGA Journal store Christian Sommerfeld

Group Photo with David Levy [10]

Time control

The time control for the WCCC will be such as to aim for a 4-hour playing session, namely all moves in 1 hour 45 minutes plus an increment of 15 seconds per move [11] .

Tournament Director

Organizing Committee


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