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Hideki Kato [1]

Hideki Kato,
a Japanese Go programmer and author of the Go playing program Fudo, formerly known as GGMC Go [2], and along with primary author Yoji Ojima co-author of the world class Go playing program DeepZen [3] applying MCTS using big patterns and root parallelization on a PC cluster, and its commercial version Tencho no Igo [4] .


Tilburg 2011

Go9x9 2011.JPG

16th Computer Olympiad, Go (9x9) award ceremony, Hideki Kato, Gold with Zen, Aja Huang,
Bronze with Fuego, Petr Baudiš, Silver with Pachi and Jaap van den Herik [5]

Yokohama 2013


Yokohama 2013 - Go 9×9, Ingo Althöfer, Hideki Kato, Hiroyuki Iida and Jaap van den Herik, Gold for Zen [6]

Selected Publications

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