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Jeroen Noomen [1]

Jeroen Noomen,
a Dutch chess player, computer chess expert, collector of dedicated chess computers, and well-established opening book author. Since 1981 Jeroen has been involved in computer chess as a writer in computer chess magazines, as a full time contributor for Hegener & Glaser, being responsible for the opening books of the programs by Richard Lang and Ed Schröder. In the period from 1990 to 1992 Jeroen developed opening books for the Schröder programs such as Mephisto Polgar, Mephisto MM IV, Mephisto RISC, and Rebel itself [2]. Jeroen was further book author of Chess Tiger, Ruffian and Rybka [3][4]. He is also known as author of opening suites, a set of opening positions, intended for engine vs engine testing, which gives a balanced representation of modern chess.


Karpov Simul


Anatoly Karpov vs Mephisto Portorose operated by Jeroen Noomen @ 63...Rxh1
SKA-Mephisto-Tournament, Munich, April 1990 [5] [6] [7] [8]

Aegon 1997


Peter Schreiner operating MChess versus Jeroen Noomen, Aegon 1997 [9]

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