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Thomas Mally [1]

Thomas Mally, (July 03, 1943 - January 2013 [2] )
was an Austrian polymath, journalist, writer, translator, guide and local historian of Vienna, computer chess expert, tester of dedicated chess computers and programs, as well as computer chess programmer. He allegedly mastered 12 or even more languages, and worked at University of Vienna on German studies under advisor Otto Höfler, which turned out to be a difficult relationship, and later on Hispanic studies, also without taking a degree [3]. As member of the First Vienna Computer Chess Club, Thomas Mally was editor of Modul and PC Schach, and further wrote for Computerschach und Spiele and the ICCA Journal. As chess programmer he was author of the PC program Wappler, which was sparring partner of Chrilly Donninger's Nimzo in the early 90s [4] .

On January 07, 2013, at the beginning of a long and snowy midwinter period, Mally embarked on his probably last walk [5]. He remained missing for over a year, and was ultimately found on March 27, 2014, in the Purkersdorfer Glasgraben close to the West Autobahn. Thomas Mally could be identified by ID and carried his orthopedic shoes [6] [7] .

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