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Helmut Weigel [1]

Helmut Weigel,
an Austrian trade unionist and educationist [2]. As early chess and computer chess expert and aficionado, he was member of the Mephisto team at the WMCCC 1988 in Almería [3], and as expert of educational, and later multimedia software, he was involved in the design and development of chess tutorials of dedicated chess computers by Hegener & Glaser such as Mephisto Polgar and Mephisto Academy [4] [5], Mein erster Mephisto [6], and the Kishon Chesster [7] [8]. Weigel wrote for Modul, and was associate of the First Vienna Computer Chess Club (Nimzo Wekstatt) around Chrilly Donninger [9] and involved in early Nimzo marketing and distribution [10]. He represented and operated Nimzo at the WMCCC 1996 in Jakarta. Around 2007, Heli Weigel set up an own multiple brain chess system called Gecko, using Rybka, Zappa and Naum as its basic engines [11].

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