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Hegener & Glaser was a German company, 1969 founded in Munich by Manfred Hegener and Florian Glaser for production of semiconductors, displays as well as applications of portable electronic game units. In the late 70s with the starting boom of dedicated chess computers, Hegener & Glaser created the Mephisto trademark along with the first German commercial chess computer based on the RCA 1802 8-bit CMOS processor, with a program by Elmar Henne and Thomas Nitsche.


In 1989 Hegener & Glaser acquired Sidney Samole's Fidelity Electronics for estimated 4.5 million Dollar, which soon emerged as flop in the already decreasing market of dedicated chess computers [1] . In 1992 Hegener & Glaser's debts were 28 million DM, and in 1994 Hegener & Glaser's was acquired by Eric Winkler's Saitek Ltd. for about 7 million DM [2] , which continued the Mephisto trademark [3] [4].


In 2000 the entire business operations of Hegener & Glaser was sold to its major shareholder for 4 million DM. In the end of 2000 the German DEAG Entertainment AG became new major shareholder to held 79.3% of the shares. At the Extraordinary General Meeting in December 2000 it was decided to change the company's name from Hegener + Glaser AG to Stella Entertainment AG realizing 100% of the shares of the Broadway Musical Management GmbH (BMM) [5], while Winkler concurrently resigned as member of the supervisory board. Stella became insolvent in 2002, partly acquired by Stage Entertainment - the German Mantelaktien-Report by Undervalued-Shares.com broached the issue [6]


Polgar sisters at Mephisto 1989.jpg

Polgar sisters at Mephisto 1989, Manfred Hegener, ?, Susan Polgar, Ed Schröder, Sofia Polgar, ?, Judit Polgár, Helmut Pfleger [7]


Professional chess programmers working for Hegener & Glaser:

Selected Programs

Mephisto Amsterdam
Mephisto Dallas
Mephisto Roma
Mephisto Almeria
Mephisto Portorose
Mephisto Lyon
Mephisto Vancouver
Mephisto Wundermaschine

The Mephisto Best-Publication Award

The Mephisto Best-Publication Award, sponsored by Hegener & Glaser, for the first time announced in ICCA Journal Vol. 11, No. 2/3, has been presented annually to authors of a publication which, in the opinion of the jury, has made the biggest contribution to computer chess in the year in question. The 1992 jury consisted of Don Beal, Robert Hyatt, David Levy, Tony Marsland, Tony Scherzer and Ken Thompson [8]: Winners of the Mephisto Best-Publication Award by Hegener & Glaser, 1988-1992:

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