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Wappler, [1]
a chess program written by Thomas Mally in the early 90s, running on an IBM PC under MS-DOS with an own GUI. The aim of Wrappler was to be a tactical program. It had a rudimentary evaluation, and used a brute-force search with iterative deepening, heavily relying on check and passed pawn extensions. A layer of 4 plies quiescence was completed by a sequence capturing on the last destination square [2].



Wappler [3]


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  1. Wappler, an Austrian colloquial term of abuse for clumsy, inept or limited people, this epithet is also used for people (male) who pretend to be competent and able, but in reality are completely incapable (translated from Wappler – Wiktionary.de)
  2. Thomas Mally (1992). Wappler Lebt - Der Nimzo Schock und die Folgen. Modul 1/1992
  3. Septober - Computerschach by Herbert Marquardt

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