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Göran Grottling,
a Swedish journalist at times affiliated with Göteborgs-Posten [2], until 1997 member of the SSDF and dedicated chess computer aficionado and tester, in 1984 initiator of the SSDF rating list [3], and author of computer chess articles and interviews published in ICCA Journal, PLY, Modul and Computerschach und Spiele.

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  1. Göran Grottling explains the Swedish rating system to Kathe Spracklen, WMCCC 1988, Photo in Göran Grottling (1989). Eine Lebende Legende - Ein Interview mit Kathe Spracklen. Modul, 1/89, pp. 41-45 (German), pdf
  2. Thomas Mally (1990). Interview mit dem Interviewer. Göran Grottling über die Schwedische Rating-Liste. Modul 2/90, pp. 12-18 (German), pdf
  3. PLY/SSDF – the story (Wayback Machine, July 2018)

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