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The SSDF - Svenska schackdatorföreningen, the Swedish Chess Computer Association, is an organization that tests computer chess software by playing chess programs against one another and producing a rating list. The forerunner of the SSDF was founded in 1979 by Johan Enroth in conjunction with the publication of the PLY Magazine [2]. Enroth served as first president and was also Vice-President of the ICCA in the 80s. Initiated by Göran Grottling [3], the SSDF was founded with the purpose to coordinate the interest for computerchess and chesscomputers in Sweden, and to release PLY. Thoralf Karlsson became chairman until 2013 when he was superseded by Lars Sandin. In 1998, the PLY Magazine was ceased.

Board of the SSDF



Stockholm Micro Computer Chess Tournaments

organized by the Swedish ICCA, forerunner of the SSDF

Rating Calibration

In the beginning a lot of calibrations were done to match human ratings [6] :

Year Calibration
1985 To the next list the level is lowered with 49 points
The level is lowered with 23 points more
1986 Once again the level is lowered, this time with 17-22 points
1987 The lists level is lowered with about 3 points
1988 The ratinglist is lowered with about 18 points
1989 The level on the ratinglist gets a huge lowering with about 70 points
2000 Computers ratings lowered by 100 points again because the top is too high compare to humans

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