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Mark Uniacke [1]

Mark Uniacke,
a British computer scientist, and as computer chess programmer author of HIARCS [2], available for Pocket PC, Palm, Apple iPhone & iPod Touch, PDAs, PC and Macintosh computers [3]. Mark started chess programming in 1979 and the very first Higher Intelligence Auto Response Chess System - HIARCS was already written in Basic in 1980 [4].




WMCCC 1993 Playoff Wundermaschine vs. HIARCS, Richard Lang, David Levy,
Mark's father and Mark watching


Viswanathan Anand playing HIARCS, Aegon 1997


Quote by Mark Uniacke from Now Walking, 1982-1983: HIARCS 5 [6]:

The inspiration for the new HIARCS search was sought from the book Chess Skill in Man and Machine and in particular the article "The heuristic search: An alternative to the alpha-beta minimax procedure" by Larry Harris from Dartmouth College [7]. HIARCS was still written in the relatively primitive BASIC programming language and being interpreted it meant the program was rather slow. To compensate for this I developed some heuristics to help guide the search and evaluation in a more targeted way. 

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