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a brand name for Convekta Ltd., a Moscow based chess software company headed by founder Victor Zakharov [1] [2] and Sergey Abramov [3]. ChessOK traces back to 1988 when the development of Chess Assistant started [4]. ChessOK is operating Playing Zones to play chess online, and offers articles and free online services, such as probing Nalimov Tablebases [5], an Opening tree [6] and game broadcasts [7].


Primary products are the Chess database Chess Assistant [8], the Windows GUI, database and chess publishing tool Aquarium, and the Windows GUIs, database and chess training tools Chess King and Peshk@. Chess Assistant, Aquarium, and Chess King are bundled with Houdini, Aquarium became famous with Rybka. Further, ChessOK sells pocket and mobile chess software, databases, game collections, opening encyclopedias, chess training software, dedicated chess computers, and chess videos, books and accessories.

Lomonosov Tablebases

In 2013, Convekta Ltd. announced the release of 7-men Lomonosov Tablebases [9]. Until December 31, 2013, the tablebases will be available online through ChessOk products [10].

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