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Chess Server,
a server inside a computer network to allow connected clients to play, discuss, and view chess games and tournaments and matches. Commercial and free Internet chess server provide that facilities often along with forum, social networking and streaming services over the Internet. Inside a client–server model, addressing separation of concerns (SoC) between presentation layer and data access layer, the Chess server is considered as back end, the client as front end. They exchange messages in a request–response messaging pattern as required by a communication protocol on application layer level to establish or use a communication channel.


Internet chess server (ICS) are accessible via telnet over TCP through command line interfaces and chess graphical user interfaces. Command line interfaces include telnet-clients, and in particular icsdrone to connect CECP, or via PolyGlot, UCI compliant chess engines. Several chess graphical user interfaces such as XBoard/WinBoard, Arena, ChessPartner or PyChess are able to connect to ICS as well - either to watch or to play games. Many chess server provide their own proprietary client software for desktop or mobile computers.

Web Server

With the advent of web server, many chess server are additionally or completely accessible through a web browser satisfying their HTTP requests on the public World Wide Web.

Internet Chess Server

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