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Logistello by Michael Buro [1]

Michael Buro,
a German computer scientist, AI-researcher, and professor at the Department of Computing Science at University of Alberta. Michael Buro is creator of the ProbCut selective extension of the alpha-beta algorithm, applied to his Othello program Logistello [2] as part of his Ph.D. thesis at Paderborn University [3]. In 1997, Logistello won 6-0 from the then Othello World champion Takeshi Murakami [4] [5] [6].


Michael Buro's General Linear Evaluation Model (GLEM), introduced at the Computer and Games 1998 conference in Tsukuba, Japan [7], also applied to Othello, covers not only automated tuning quite similar to Texel's Tuning Method which popularized logistic regression tuning in computer chess some years later, but further provides a procedure for exploring the feature space able to discover new evaluation features in a computational feasible way.

Selected Publication

[8] [9] [10]

1990 ...

  • Michael Buro (1990). A contribution to the determination of Rado's Sigma - or - How to catch busy beavers? Diploma thesis, RWTH Aachen (German) [11] [12]
  • Michael Buro (1993). On the Maximum Length of Huffman Codes. Information Processing Letters, Vol. 45
  • Michael Buro (1994). Techniken für die Bewertung von Spielsituationen anhand von Beispielen. Ph.D. thesis. Paderborn University (German)

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