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Darse Billings [1]

Darse Billings,
a Canadian computer scientist and computer games researcher and developer, affiliated with the London based game development company Gamesys [2] [3], He holds a M.Sc. in 1995 and Ph.D. in 2006 on Computer Poker from University of Alberta. His research interests cover not only games of chance and incomplete information games like Roshambo, but also abstract strategy games, in particular Lines of Action, where his program Mona won the de facto world championship in 2000, defeating all of the top human players, and winning every game it played [4]. Darse Billings is creator and director of The International RoShamBo Programming Competitions [5] , co-founder and lead architect for the University of Alberta Computer Poker Research Group [6] , and designer of the pokerbots Loki, Poki, Sparbot, Vexbot, Hyperborean, Polaris, Maxwell, Qeqbot, et al., commercially licenced beside others to Poker Academy [7] and Stacked [8].

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