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Alexandra Palace from the west [1]

The Fifth Computer Olympiad took place from August 21 to 25, 2000, at Alexandra Palace, North London, United Kingdom. After an eight-year hiatus, it was revived by bringing it into the Mind Sports Olympiad, in conjunction with the 17th World Microcomputer Chess Championship [2]. During the 5th Computer Olympiad a workshop on computer games was held, organized by Jos Uiterwijk.



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# Program CC Authors P10 Medal
1 8QP NL Johan de Koning 10 Gold
2 Yamazon JP Hiroshi Yamashita 7 Silver
3 Anky NL Patrick Hensgens 7 Bronze
4 Antiope GR Theodore Tegos 4
5 Aska JP Yoichiro Kajihara 2
6 Otrere US Paul E. Utgoff 0


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# Program CC Authors P8 Medal
1 Marvin CH Thomas Lincke Gold
2 Softwari NL Roel van der Goot Silver


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# Program CC Authors P10 Medal
1 Goemate CN Zhixing Chen 10 Gold
2 Go 4++ GB Michael Reiss 8 Silver
3 Aya JP Hiroshi Yamashita 5 Bronze
4 GoStar CN Jinqiang Lu 4
5 Indigo FR Bruno Bouzy 3
6 GoLois FR Tristan Cazenave, Nicolas Jouandeau 0

Michael Reiss and Tristan Cazenave in Go 4++ vs.GoLois, the WMCCC in the background [6]


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# Program CC Authors P8 Medal
1 Hexy US Vadim Anshelevich 8 Gold
2 Queenbee NL Jack van Rijswijck 4 Silver
3 KillerBee IT Emanuele Brasa 0 Bronze

Lines of Action

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# Program CC Authors P6 Medal
1 YL IS Yngvi Björnsson 6 Gold
2 Mona CA Darse Billings 4 Silver
3 MIA NL Mark Winands 2 Bronze

First medals in LoA: Mark Winands, Yngvi Björnsson, and Darse Billings [9]


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# Program CC Authors P8 Medal
1 YSS JP Hiroshi Yamashita 8 Gold
2 Shotest 4.1 GB Jeff Rollason 4 Silver
3 Tacos JP Hiroyuki Iida, Yoichiro Kajihara et al. 0 Bronze

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During the 5th Computer Olympiad a workshop on computer games was held, organized by Jos Uiterwijk.

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