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Yngvi Björnsson [1]

Yngvi Björnsson,
an Icelandic computer scientist and games researcher. After a B.S in Computer Science at the University of Iceland, and a few years in the industry (1988-1994), Yngvi studied at the University of Alberta in Canada [2] . As member of the Games research group [3], he co-authored the chess program The Turk along with Andreas Junghanns, which competed at the WMCCC 1996 in Jakarta [4] , developed the Lines of Action program and three times gold medal winner YL, co-authored the Hex program Mongoose and made his Ph.D. thesis in Computer Science, Selective Depth-First Game-Tree Search at the University of Alberta in 2002 [5] advised by Professor Tony Marsland. Yngvi contributed with Uncertainty Cut-Offs [6] [7], and invented Multi-Cut Pruning [8] .

Since 2004, Yngvi Björnsson is associate professor at the School of Computer Science, Reykjavík University, Iceland. He served as Vice-President of the ICGA from 2005 until 2011 and organized the WCCC 2005 in Reykjavík.



First medals in LoA: Mark Winands, Yngvi Björnsson (Gold), and Darse Billings [9]


Yngvi Björnsson awards Anthony Cozzie with the Shannon Trophy, WCCC 2005, Reykjavík


Yngvi Björnsson was member of the Chinook team around Jonathan Schaeffer, solving Checkers [10] :

Yngvi’s major contribution to the project was with the Chinook endgame databases. His research interests include heuristic search in artificial intelligence.

General Game Playing

Yngvi Björnsson is involved in the successful development of the General Game Playing program Cadiaplayer from Reykjavik University, which won the General Game Playing world-champion in 2007 and 2008 [11] .

Selected Publications

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