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Amsterdam 2007 [1]

The Computer Games Workshop 2007 took place from June 15 to 17, 2007, at Amsterdam Science Park, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in conjunction with the 12th Computer Olympiad and the 15th World Computer Chess Championship. The three main sponsors IBM, SARA Computing Networks (since 2013 SURFsara), and NCF (Foundation of National Computing Facilities) supported the ICGA events in the framework of their opening festivities of their new Huygens supercomputer, taken into operation on June 13, 2007 by the mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen [2]. Therefor, the workshop started with a talk by Anwar Osseyran [3], director of SARA, on the Huygens supercomputer, followed by a recorded talk by Murray Campbell on Deep Blue and the history of computer chess. Proceedings of subsequent lectures were published as Technical Report from Maastricht University, edited by Jaap van den Herik, Jos Uiterwijk, Mark Winands, and Maarten Schadd [4], some revised papers were republished inside the ICGA Journal or elsewhere, indicated by reference.



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