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Matej Guid [1]

Matej Guid,
a Slovenian FIDE master of chess, computer scientist and researcher at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory University of Ljubljana. His research interests covers computer game-playing (especially chess), automated explanation / tutoring systems, heuristic search, and machine learning.

Computer Analysis

Along with Ivan Bratko, Matej Guid claimed to identify the relative playing strength of World Chess Champions by comparing their move choices with chess programs, in particular a modified version of Crafty, as published in ICGA Journal, Vol. 29, No. 2 in 2006 [2] [3] [4], further elaborated with Aritz Pérez in 2008 [5] [6].

Progressive Chess

At the Advances in Computer Games 14 conference at Leiden University, 2015, Matej Guid lectured on programming Progressive Chess [7] and introduced a progressive chess playing program developed by Vito Janko and himself [8], further promoted by Frederic Friedel at ChessBase [9] .


Advances in Computer Games 14: Ingo Althöfer announcing Matej Guid on Progressive Chess [10]

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