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a fully developed, commercial Windows chess GUI market by Lokasoft, incorporating its native chess engine LChess and supporting any WinBoard or UCI compatible chess engine via its internal adapter. ChessPartner evolved from the LChess GUI by Lex Loep and Ger Neef, ported to Windows 3.0 in 1991 [2].

Online Client

ChessPartner features as client for online play with various Chess Server to challenge and play against other human players or engines.


ChessPartner has its own proprietary database format and also supports Portable Game Notation. Its opening book manager handels up to eight books in parallel and supports book learning. Further, ChessPartner can query Nalimov endgame tablebases


The ChessPartner GUI consists of a frame window, with caption-, status-, and customizable menu- and toolbar, and a workspace with multiple views on the current game document, board window, optionally a 3D Board with 3D-piece bitmaps, notation-, score-history-, search- and book statistics, chess clock-, and chess server console windows.



ChessPartner 6, 3D pieces [3]

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