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Albert Silver [1]

Albert Silver,
a Brazilian independent information services professional, chess player [2], chess and computer chess journalist, aficionado, tester and expert, from 1999 - 2002 affiliated with Convekta as software designer for Chess Assistant, and editor and writer at ChessBase News [3] [4]. He is author the Silver Openings Suite [5] and the Silver Gambit Suite [6] [7] meant to be used in test matches between engines, and served as moderator in CCC.

Deus X

Fascinated by the development initiated by DeepMind with AlphaGo and AlphaZero, and the AlphaZero inspired open source community project Leela Chess Zero, combining Deep learning techniques with Monte-Carlo Tree Search, Albert Silver made his own experiments to train the network, relaxing the "Zero" paradigm of pure reinforcement learning from ground up, but supervised learning, feeding in high quality games played by other strong chess playing entities. His Lc0 derivative dubbed Deus X [8] won the PT 54 and apparently became the driving force of the commercial ChessBase cloud project Fat Fritz [9].

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Silver Openings Suite

Openings Suites by Albert Silver

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