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Gyula Horváth, WCSC 2013 [1]

Gyula Horváth,
a Hungarian electrical engineer, project manager, and chess programmer. He started chess programming around 1985 on a Commodore 64, in 1987 he continued on an IBM PC [2]. He is primary author of the chess programs Pandix and Brainstorm, as well as programs for the dedicated CXG Sphinx H8 series [3]. His wife, Zsuzsa Horváth, joined the Pandix development in 1986, active in testing and developing the GUI and graphics of the commercial Pandix ChessFriend [4].

After more than a decade of recreation and abstinence from competing in international tournaments, Gyula started a comeback at the DOCCC 2008, and the WCCC 2009. Pandix Breakthrough played a strong WCCC 2010, and in June 2011, Pandix won the ICT 2011 with 7 out of 7. At the WCSC 2013 in Yokohama, Pandix started a great pursuit with 4½/5 in the second half, for a Silver medal shared with Junior, a half point behind Gold medalist HIARCS. Also the open hardware WCCC 2013 was a great tournament for Pandix, winning Bronce in the main course and blitz.

As a surprise for the computer chess scene in November 2013, Gyula Horváth turned out to be the author of the Deep Fritz 14 native ChessBase engine [5].


from the ICGA-site [6]:

Gyula Horvath started writing chess programs in 1985. His program won the Amateur World Chess Championship in 1987 and the Personal Computer Chess Champion title in 1988 and 1989. His wife, Szuzsa, joined the development in 1986. She is mainly active in testing the program and in designing and programming the graphics of the commercial versions of the program. Both of them pursue chess programming as a hobby - Gyula works as a marketing researcher and Zsuzsa works as a telemarketing assistant. 


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