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Connect6 on a large board [1]

Connect6, Connect(m,n,6,2,1)
a two-player abstract strategy board game of the k-in-a-row family similar to Gomoku, introduced in 2003 by I-Chen Wu and presented at Advances in Computer Games 11 in 2005. Black and White alternately place two stones of their own colour on empty intersections of a Go-like board, except that Black (the first player) places one stone only for the first move [2]. The one who gets six or more stones in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) first wins the game. Most often, Connect6 is played on a 19x19 Go board, proposed for professional players is a 59x59 board [3]. Since 2006, Connect6 is played regularely by computers at the Computer Olympiad organized by the ICGA [4]. Search algorithms used are Alpha-Beta / MTD(f) along with VCF search (Victory by Continuous Four) to find a path to win in the endgame [5], and Monte-Carlo Tree Search, UCT, as well as Proof-Number Search also in conjunction with the novel relevance-zone-oriented proof (RZOP) search used to solve various openings, such as the Mickey Mouse opening [6].

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