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Shi-Jim Yen [1]

Shi-Jim Yen,
a Taiwanese 6-dan Go player, computer scientist, professor at Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Dong Hwa University, Hualien, and standing director of the Taiwanese Computer Game Association (TCGA), and director of the Taiwanese Association for Artificial Intelligence (TAAI) [2]. He received his Ph.D. degree in CS and information engineering from National Taiwan University in 1999. His research interests include artificial intelligence and computer games with focus on Go, Chinese Chess, Connect6 and Othello. In 2012, he invented Outer-Open Gomoku, which has the same rules as free-style Gomoku [3], but restricts Black to play at the two outer rows or columns of the board for the first move [4].


Shi-Jim Yen is author and co-author of the Go programs Star of DongHwa, Jimmy, and Coldmilk, which is also able to play NoGo, further the Chinese Chess program Shiga, and the Chinese Dark Chess programs Modark and Diablo, the Connect6 programs Kavalan and X6, and finally Cpuzzler which competed in Light Up, Nurikabe, Nonograms ICGA tournaments. Along with Tsan-Cheng Su and Shun-Chin Hsu, Shi-Jim Yen is co-author of the Othello program Tower of Othello, which won silver at TAAI 2013 [5] and the gold medal (shared) at TCGA 2014.



11th Computer Olympiad 2006, Chinese Chess , Shi-Jim Yen, Pascal Tang and Aja Huang [6]

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