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Ting-Han Wei [1]

Ting-Han Wei, (Ting han Wei, Ting-han Wei)
a Taiwanese computer scientist affiliated with the Department of Computer Science at National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, and Ph.D. student under professor I-Chen Wu, working in his Computer Games and Intelligence Lab [2] on various game playing programs such as the successful Go playing program CGI. His research interests include search algorithms, in particular Job-level (JL) computing, a general distributed computing approach. In JL computing, a search tree is maintained by a client process, while search tree nodes are evaluated, expanded, or generated by leveraging game-playing programs. These node operations are encapsulated as coarse-grain jobs. Concrete best-first JL implementations perform Proof-Number Search (JL-PNS) and UCT (JL-UCT).



20th Computer Olympiad, Leiden 2017, Medalists in 13x13 Go, Katsuki Ohto (Bronze for Julie),
Ting-Han Wei (Gold for CGI) and Hideki Kato (Silver for Zen ) [3]

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