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Katsuki Ohto [1]

Katsuki Ohto, a Japanese computer scientist affiliated with the University of Tokyo [2]. As computer game and AI researcher and programmer, he is involved in the development of many game playing programs in the domains of Go, Block Go, Shogi, Dots and Boxes, Trax, Puyo Puyo and Curling simulation.


His Go playing program Julie which applies deep learning using deep convolutional neural networks [3], participated at the 20th Computer Olympiad, Leiden 2017, winning Bronze in 13x13 Go. His Shogi playing program ShogiNet based on the open source engine Apery [4] applies deep learning as well without search, and became runner-up at the 20th Computer Olympiad, Leiden 2017 behind HGM's Shokidoki.

Selected Publications

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