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Chinese Dark Chess (暗棋),
a popular version of Banqi, a variation of Chinese Chess that only uses half of the board, also called dark chess, half chess or blind chess. Chinese dark chess is a two-player zero-sum and incomplete information board game.



Yokohama 2013 award ceremony Chinese Dark Chess, Hung-Jui Chang (Operator Yahari, Bronze),
Wen-Jie Tseng (DarkKnight, Gold), Cheng-Wei Chou (Diablo, Silver), and Jaap van den Herik [1] |}


Date Event Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5
2010/09 TAAI 2010 Flipper Dark Chess Beta Leave or Lose - -
2010/10 15th Computer Olympiad Modark Dark Chess Beta Leave or Lose Flipper Dark chesser
2011/06 TCGA 2011 Diablo Leave-or-Lose Dark chesser Flipper Piranha
2011/11 TAAI 2011 Diablo DarkCraft Dark chesser  ? -
2011/11 16th Computer Olympiad DarkCraft Dark chesser Diablo TopGun -
2012/07 TCGA 2012 Diablo Flipper TuxedoCat Darkness, Dark Chesser
2012/11 TAAI 2012 Diablo Flipper, Darkness TuxedoCat
2013/06 TCGA 2013 DarkKnight SGTDark Darkness  ?  ?
2013/08 17th Computer Olympiad DarkKnight Diablo Yahari Flipper Darkness
2013/12 TAAI 2013 Yahari  ?
2014/06 TCGA 2014 Yahari DarkKnight Observer TuxedoCat Diablo
2015/07 18th Computer Olympiad DarkKnight Yahari Observer TuxedoCat Darkness
2016/07 19th Computer Olympiad DarkKnight Yahari NewbieDarkChess Observer Dancing
2017/07 20th Computer Olympiad DarkKnight PupilDarkChess Yahari

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