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Tsan-sheng Hsu [1]

Tsan-sheng Hsu,
a Taiwanese computer scientist and Research Fellow at the Institute of Information Science at the Academia Sinica, Taipei. His research interests concerns graph theory, data privacy, and the design, analysis, implementation and performance evaluation of algorithms [2]. Graph-theoretical techniques were used to efficient construct large endgame databases for Computer Chinese chess [3].


Tsan-sheng Hsu is co-author of Chinese Chess programs Contemplation, the Gold medal winner of 9th Computer Olympiad, Ramat-Gan 2004, TMSK, Gold medal winner at the 14th Computer Olympiad, Pamplona 2009 and Silver medal winner at the 15th Computer Olympiad, Kanazawa 2010, and the Chinese Dark Chess programs Flipper (with Bo-Nian Chen), and Sparrow (with Bing-Jie Shen) [4].

Selected Publications

[5] [6] [7]

1990 ...

  • Tsan-sheng Hsu (1992). On Four-Connecting a Triconnected Graph. (Extended Abstract) FOCS 1992

1995 ...

  • Tsan-sheng Hsu, Vijaya Ramachandran, Nathaniel Dean (1995). Implementation of parallel graph algorithms on a massively parallel SIMD computer with virtual processing. IPPS 1995

2000 ...

2005 ...

2010 ...

2015 ...

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