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Fabien Letouzey [1]

Fabien Letouzey,
a French computer chess and games programmer and developer of the chess programs Fruit [2], Chess-64 [3] and Senpai, the Othello programs Turtle, Snail [4], Piloth [5], Decapus (10x10) and Octopus (8x8), the latter Gold medal winners at the 20th Computer Olympiad, Leiden 2017, the UCI-Winboard adapter PolyGlot, and the International Draughts programs Toy [6], and Scan, which surprised the Draughts scene in winning the 18th Computer Olympiad, Leiden 2015, and defended its title in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Fabien further works with Rémi Coulom to improve his Go playing program Crazy Stone due to deep learning [7].


The release of Fruit until version 2.1 under GNU General Public License was a "revolution" in computer chess in 2005 - an open source program was "suddenly" competitive with the long time leading programs Shredder and Junior, as demonstrated at the WCCC 2005, where Fruit became runner up behind Zappa. After the great success of Reykjavik, and Fabien Letouzey met his professional colleagues, he decided to close the source and to go commercial - short after Fruit derivate appeared, based on the source code of Fruit 2.1, most notably Toga [8] by Thomas Gaksch. Fabien finished his commercial computer chess career so far in 2007 [9]. Fruit 2.3+ is non GPL with full rights given to Ryan Benitez, while Fruit 2.1 is now owned by the Free Software Foundation [10].


In March 2014, ten years after the initial Fruit 1.0 release, Fabien announced and published his new open source engine Senpai [11], and an independent fork of Fruit 2.1, Fruit Reloaded by Fabien Letouzey, Daniel Mehrmann and Ryan Benitez [12], both hosted by Steve Maughan's Computer Chess Programming [13] [14].




Winners 2005, Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, Fabien Letouzey, Anthony Cozzie and Gian-Carlo Pascutto


[15] [16]


10 years later, Fabien's program Scan won 10x10 Draughts at the 18th Computer Olympiad [17] [18]
and defended its title at the 19th and 20th Computer Olympiad so far

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