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Frank Quisinsky [1]

Frank Quisinsky,
a German computer chess aficionado, journalist and early WinBoard promoter. Along with Volker Pittlik, Frank founded the Winboard Forum in 1999 [2], and hosts his own computer chess site Frank's Chess Page [3] with a temporary break in 2007, and maintains his own FCT rating list since 2014 [4]. He contributed to the computer chess column of the German chess magazine Schachwelt [5] with interviews and program reports. Notably, Frank was initiator of the Arena Chess GUI development realized by Martin Blume [6]. In 2004, he established the Gladiator-Shop as an attempt to commercialize engines such as Ruffian [7], Patriot [8] and Ktulu [9] bundled with Arena, to provide a small income for their developers and to support further development. The project was abandoned after suspicions that the new Patriot 2.0 was based on Fruit became substantial in May 2005 [10] [11]. By August 2005, Frank Quisinsky went out of the Arena project.



Vincent and Frank, IPCCC 1998 [12]


Team Patzer, Frank Quisinsky and Roland Pfister, ICT 2001 [13]

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