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Tord Romstad [1]

Tord Kallqvist Romstad,
a Norwegian algebraic geometer by education, and as chess and games programmer author of the open source chess programs Glaurung, also available as iPhone chess program and since February 2014 as chess AI of Play Magnus [2], the didactic parallel search engine Viper, the former Gothmog, and the hexagonal chess program Scatha. Tord has also some interests in Shogi programming [3] [4]. In 2009 Tord joint forces with Marco Costalba and Joona Kiiski on Marco's initial branch of Glaurung's evolutionary tree called Stockfish [5].



Winners Chess960CWC 2005: Tord Romstad, Johannes Zwanzger, Volker Böhm and Ralf Schäfer [6]

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