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Norman Schmidt,
an American professional software engineer and avocational chess programmer, who resides in Belgium. He studied mathematics, computer science, systems engineering and network engineering at University of Massachusetts, and music at Boston Conservatory and Berklee College of Music [1]. Concerning computer chess, he is proponent of not reinventing the wheel, and has cooperated with the Ippolit and RobboLito comrades [2] and Decembrists [3] [4], and led the effort to debug, stabilize, and improve Ippolit source code releases, translated RobboLito from Italo-Albanian dialect to English, and put RobboLito versions and his own derivate Fire under the GNU GPL. Beside IvanHoe, he hosts his own Fruit and Toga derivative Cyclone [5], and works with Dmitri Gusev and Matthew R. Brades on Firenzina [6].


In 2008, Norman Schmidt tried to distribute his Fruit and Toga derivative xyclOps commercially [7] until it was suspected as clone by Matthias Gemuh and others [8]. After Norman Schmidt freely volunteered to refund his customers [9] [10], he announced Cyclone based on Fruit and Toga as open source engine [11]. Further derivative programs by Norman Schmidt were TogaToy [12], Cyclops [13], Alderon, Demon, and Crimson, based on Viper [14], and more recently Jinx based on Fridolin [15], Tomcat based on Bobcat [16], and Seagull based on Gull [17].


Norman Schmidt operated and maintained the' site since 2007, to distribute his projects and other open-source chess engines to hobbyists. Claiming fair-mindedness and many programs and the chess community have taken benefit from his contributions and improvements, he substantiates the suspicion [18] [19] that Houdini 1.0 by Robert Houdart is based on his and Sentinel's GNU public licensed RobboLito 0.085g3 [20]. Due to that accusation of misuse, and the Espin case with the SquarknII clone their Robbolito versions 0.085 and 0.09 are no longer available for download from the ChessLogik sites [21] [22].

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