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Polar cyclone [1]

an UCI compliant, derivative open source chess engine based on Fruit and Toga II, written by Norman Schmidt in C++, licensed under the GPL 3.0 [2] [3]. Cyclone 3.4 uses principal variation search, iterative deepening, MVV-LVA, transposition tables, null-move pruning, quiescence search, futility pruning, history pruning, lazy evaluation, razoring, and various search reductions and extensions. Cyclone's parallel search utilizes threads and a shared hash table.

Cyclone xTreme

Cyclone xTreme, based on Fruit 2.1 by Fabien Letouzey, Toga II by Thomas Gaksch, Grapefruit 1.0 by ThinkingALot, Toga CMLX 145e4 by Teemu Pudas, and Cyclone 3.4 by Norman Schmidt, uses a configuration file to obtain more than 150 evaluation, material, search, and transposition table parameters [4].

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