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Hippolyta the Amazonian queen [1]

an UCI compliant open source engine by pseudonymous authors. A former CPW page of Ippolit by one of its authors from May 2009, was preliminary deleted due to a claim by Rybka author Vasik Rajlich, CPW would support piracy sites and who implied Ippolit is a clone or derivative from Rybka 3 [2] , apparently due to disassembling and decompiling.

Legal Status

The authors of Ippolit call themselves Comrades and keep pseudonymous. Head Comrade is Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin [3], Deputy Head Comrade Igor Igorovich Igoronov, Honorary Comrade Vladimir Ilyich Lenin [4], and further Roberto Pescatore, Yusuf Ralf Weisskopf, Ivan Skavinsky Skavar [5], and Decembrists [6] [7] [8].

Ippolit pages were initially hosted by Wikispaces.org. Ippolit and its successor RobboLito [9] were discussed in Computer Chess Forums from mid October 2009 [10] [11], and it is no longer appropriate to ignore them further. The source code is open and distributed. Ippolit and RobboLito are apparently as strong or even stronger than Rybka 3 on a single processor. They are therefor likely to hurt interests of commercial chess program authors and companies as well as hobbyist computer chess programmers with all their original efforts over years, and finally the sportive aspects of computer chess, the competition.

The legal status of Ippolit and its successors, and despite the socialization of re-engineered knowledge from commercial engines should be matter of independent scientific research possibly under the aegis of the ICGA.


In June 2010, Vasik Rajlich made following statement on Rybka and Ippolit, which was published by Sven Schüle in CCC [12]:

Ippolit is disassembled Rybka 3 with changes. The changes are considerable but not even close to enough to leave any doubt. Robbolito is an evolved Ippolit, with more changes and more cleanup. I haven't checked the other new engines yet. 

The same day Zach Wegner published a technical summary by former anonymous author "BB+" alias Mark Watkins about Rybka and Ippolit [13], which demonstrates differences are substantial [14], and he nevertheless concluded he would find it wholly plausible that Ippolit is a "reverse-engineered Rybka with many changes" in the same forum thread. RobboLito's sentinel [15] Milos Stanisavljevic [16] [17] is proponent of Ippolit's originality, despite his note it used ideas from reverse engineering Rybka 3 [18].



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