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Gian-Carlo Pascutto [1]

Gian-Carlo Pascutto, (GCP)
a Belgian [2] computer scientist, and computer chess and Go programmer with further interests in sound recording and reproduction and digital signal processing [3]. Gian-Carlo is author of the free open source chess and chess variants engine Sjeng [4], the chess engine Deep Sjeng, which emerged from the closed source Sjeng 12.7 branch [5] since 2003 commercial [6], the experimental chess engine Stoofvlees, and the Go playing program Leela [7].

Leela Zero

More recently, after DeepMind published the AlphaGo Zero paper [8], Gian-Carlo Pascutto designed and initiated Leela Zero [9], a Go playing entity using MCTS (but without Monte Carlo playouts) and a deep residual convolutional neural network stack, trained by a public, distributed effort, as Leela Chess Zero also adapted to chess [10] [11].

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