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an open source engine written by Gian-Carlo Pascutto with help from Adrien Regimbald, Daniel Clausen, Dann Corbit, Lenny Taelman, Ben Nye, Ronald de Man, David Dawson, Tim Foden and Georg von Zimmermann [1]. Sjeng was initially based on Faile 0.6 by Adrien Regimbald [2], and an attempt to create a Bughouse & Crazyhouse playing program. Sjeng 7 became open source under the GPL, also playing standard and Antichess [3]. The Chess Engine Communication Protocol compliant Sjeng 11.2 was the final open source program released in January 2002 [4], while Sjeng 12.7 was closed source, didn't play variants, and emerged to the commercial Deep Sjeng in 2003, initially market by Lex Loep's Lokasoft [5].


In it's suicide and loser's mode, Sjeng applies proof-number search. Otherwise it uses alpha-beta with aspiration window and PVS, history heuristic, killer heuristic, transposition tables, SEE for move ordering and pruning, selective extensions, adaptive null move pruning, extended futility pruning, limited razoring, and opening book learning [6]. Sjeng is the engine of Apple's chess application as shipped in MacOS X 10.4 [7] [8] [9].


The name Sjeng, which is also a Limburgish masculine given name, is the reverse of the long time number one human Bughouse player, with the handle "Gnejs" [10] [11].

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